The Slender Morris Fabric Range


At Slender Morris, we offer more than 75 exciting and unique collections, each with their own range of colours and diverse designs.

From basic linings, sheers and jacquards to exotic designer prints, innovative weaves, and luxurious silks, the focus is always on the craftsmanship of producing beautiful fabric.

Despite the craftsmanship behind our textiles, you'll be surprised at their price. We're so confident that Slender Morris provide the best value for money that we invite you to call today and compare your current prices.


Embroidered fabrics.

  • The Fiorella Collection . Elegant Polyester, Cotton & Viscose materials at 138cm wide.


Indent Fabrics 
Ornate designs with a point of difference

  • Metallica - large floral print  printed with a metallic effect
  • Percha 99, 100, 100, 102, 114, 119 -  Elegance describes this comprehensive collection of wide width fabrics from Europe. All the items in this collection have a point of difference from the norm. Some of the examples of this point of difference are seen in the elegant boucle inserts, large patterns outlined with lurex detail and burn out sheers in elegant colours.
  • Tejo



  • Blenheim -The elegance of Blenheim is reflected by the sophisticated scroll and floral designs. The lavish ruched effect gives the designs a rich lustre in keeping with the current fabric direction. Available in hues of champagne, ivory, graphite, mulberry and claret.
  • Toscana - This glitzy collection with a contemporary feel has a touch of lurex in the Toscana design giving it a very elegant look while remaining subtle. The Genoa is a matching plain to compliment the Toscana. Both Jacquard fabrics have a taffeta handle. The colours offered vary from the in vogue latte and choc shades to a subtle aqua and ivory shades.
  • Gregal - Elegance describes this new collection from Europe. The lavish ruched effect gives the design a rich lustre in keeping with the current fabric direction. The modern colourations with funky mixes refelect the most up to date fashion colours available out of Europe today.
  • Marseille - A timeless collection of poly cotton jacquards suitable for drapery, upholstery, blinds and accessories. This collection is available in 4 classic designs that will never age. The understated style of this collection is reflected in the 8 subtle tones available.
  • Milano Positano Collection -This is a new Jacquard collection highlighted by textural allure. There is a broad spectrum of colours available. In vogue colours such as greys and blacks, duck egg and latte colours.
  • Riviera - The Riviera collection is an elegant and sophisticated faux silk collection. The weaves in this collection are luxurious and seductive. This collection comes in delicate hues of cream, ivory, mocha and linen as well as an elegant duck egg and a vibrant merlot.
  • Silk - one of the oldest yarns known to man. It has a lustre and charm offered by no other yarns due to the character offered by its imperfections. This collection of co-ordinating plains, stripes and a scroll embroidery in 9 elegant colours will add elegance to any room it is selected for.
  • Sorrento - This collection of block out coated fabrics offers real value for money. block out coated fabrics are very "green" friendly as they keep noise out and retain heat.
  • Valencia - For draperies endowed with a timeless elegance Slender Morris has created The Valencia Jacquard Collection.
    This collection has 5 different designs and 15 elegant colourways. The designs range from a rose damask design to a fashionable swirl. A small diamond design speckle design and stripe complement this collection. There are 15 colourways available to suit every possible palette. Three new fashionable latte shades have recently been added to this very popular collection.
    This collection is available both uncoated and 3 pass coated.


Childrens Fabrics
Collections of printed childrens fabrics and nursery designs for boys and girls. Many of these fabrics are fire retardant. Childrens fabrics that are sure to please. Fabulous materials for wall hangings, quilts, curtains and other furnishings for the nursery or preschooler bedroom. Teddy bear motifs and more.

  • The Butterfly Collection - butterflies in borders and checks whci can be co-ordinated with other  fabrics like Alegria and Mariposas and more
  • The Kitty Collection - Fabrics such as Kitty Col 01, Misifu Col 01  and Pussycat Col 01 are 280cm continuous fabrics and can each be coordinated with the other listed fabrics.
  • The Little Lucy Collection - This range of children's fabrics is a cute collection of continuous organza fabrics. Little Lucy fabrics are sourced by Slender Morris and are embroidered with patchwork dolls, teddy bears and bunny rabbits  - ideal for children's nursery decor, bright colourful fabrics.
  • The Magical Collection - This is a colourful collection of kiddies and nursery prints. All fabrics are blockout and fire retardant. Ideal for children's playrooms, kindergartens, preschools, day care and other child oriented facilities. What child would not find it fun to be in a room with  such vibrant prints. Teddy bear themes too


Plain Fabrics

  • Bettoni - The Bettoni Collection is a contemporary fabric at an extremely competitive price point. It is a surface interest crinkle fabric with numerous colours offering a two-tone shot effect. This collection is offered in 20 of the latest colourways including greys, chocs, numerous reds and beige variations.
  • Camelot - a subtle fabric with the look of silk and the advantages of polyester. It is available in 78 reversable colours so it will satisfy any requirements for colour matching.
  • Dakota - Linens and linen mixtures are the vogue at the moment. This collection offers a broad spectrum of up beat colours in a fabric with a natural feel and drape suitable for curtains, upholstery, blinds, cushions and bed treatments.
  • Duppion - Silk is one of the oldest yarns known to man. It has a unique lustre and feel that gives it a refined and elegant feel. The imperfections that are inherent in silk yarn are at the heart of its beauty. We are pleased to offer our Duppion in a very large selection of colours that will satisfy any colour palette required.
  • Hyacinth - The Hyacinth Collection is a very popular sateen collection with a stria effect in most colours. It comes in a large choice of 39 colourways. It has a nice weight so it is suitable for drapes, light domestic upholstery and other treatments. This fabric has a waterproof finish.
  • Lava - This fabric will bring a feeling of subtle glamour to your home or interior. This sumptuous velvet is suitable for drapes, light domestic upholstery and cushions. It is available in 20 elegant shades.
  • Mystical - If you are looking for a contemporary linen look fabric at a budget price, this is the collection you should be looking at. It is available both block-out coated and uncoated.  It is available in a wide selection of commercially acceptable colours from the usual tones of ivory and beiges, to a cheery sungold and a modern charcoal shade.
  • Natural Winners - It has 85 choices of plain fabrics with colours from ivory, latte and linen shades to chocolate colourways. The fabrics in this collection vary from plain basic Oxford and Bengaline weaves to ornate bark and linen weaves
  • Norra - The Norra Collection is an Ottoman weave fabric with a two tone effect that gives it an interesting effect. It comes in 20 fashionable colours . The Norra Collection is treated with a waterproof finish.
  • The Paula Collection - an elegant linen collection with multi tones in all colourways from the mixed yarn colours used. It will make beautiful drapes and blinds.
  • Rocco - A 50:50 Composition of Cotton and Polyester with a width of 140cms
  • Sack - This fabric will bring a feeling of subtle glamour to your home or interiror. This sumptuous velvet is suitable for drapes light domestic uphostery and cushions. It is available in 20 elegant shades.
  • The Sovrano Collection - a pin tuck fabric with an iridescent tonal effect. It is available ten interesting colours. This is a surface interest fabric at a very competitive price. It should be noted side pattern matches may be difficult to attain due to the nature of is fabric.
  • The Waldorf Taffetta Collection - a fine collection of plain and shot taffettas. This collection from Spain is available in 32 colours. The fabric is a poly cotton so it is a soft fabric with a very subtle and elegant sheen in all the numerous colourways.








Our fabric is also commercial quality and tested to the strictest performance standards. We're so confident of the quality that we'll replace any fabric found to have a manufacturing defect.

And Slender Morris  deliver right throughout Australia and New Zealand! Explore our range  of curtains, upholstery furnishings, nursery and children's fabric in our on line shop