Choosing Curtains

Curtains and blinds can make huge changes to a room. They are very important for a major makeover and can add height, drama, breezy ambience, softness and colour to any space. Curtains have many uses in a home. They can be used for privacy, decoration or to disguise an unwanted window. Curtains have an impact on your home. It is up to you to choose the impact that they do have.

There are many important aspects to consider when choosing a curtain. These are choosing the right fabric and colour based on the colour of the room. Selecting the perfect curtain is so important as if not right the feel and ambience will be spoilt. If done right the feel of the room is perfected:

  • The first thing to be aware of is that different rooms need different treatments. A living room needs very different treatments say compared to a childs bedroom. So the right curtain needs to be chosen for the right room.
  • Lighting is extremely important in choosing your drapes. In a bedroom heavy drapes are required to block out light and noise and to give privacy. When we do not require privacy sheer drapes may be selected so that sunlight can penetrate the room.
  • Curtains come in different lengths and styles. Think about the look you want to achieve with your curtains. Curtain fabrics come in numerous compositions such as linen, silk, polyester, cotton, viscose etc as well as mixtures of the yarns mentioned above. Silks have a magnificent opulence yet will not last as long as a polyester fabric and may not be as colourfast as polyester. Linen fabrics are eco friendly. So the right fabric needs to be chosen for the right drape according to individual taste.
  • The heading describes the way the curtain is attached to the pole or track. Formal gathers are created with sew-on tapes that create set patterns, while contemporary headings, including eyelets, ties, clips or tabs, have a more relaxed feel. Popular headings are pinch pleats, pencil pleats, tab tops, wave pleats, box pleats and goblet pleats.
  • Sheer curtains are good for accenting a room. They allow light in to the room and create exquisite effects and shadows without blocking out light. They can be opened in the day for a casual look and drawn at night for a formal look. Sheers are available in many colours, compositions and textures so offer a great mode to decorate a room.

So the bottom line is curtains have a unique power to change an ordinary room to a magnificent space with a dynamic look. Alternatively a chaotic space can be given a calming effect by your drapes. But if well chosen they will certainly enhance and beautify your home. If your reseller in Australia or new Zealand sources fabrics from Slender Morris, then you can have confidence that your fabric is of good quality.