Dealing With Us

There are many benefits of dealing with Slender Morris, including:

  • You gain the benefit of Slender Morris's international relationships to bring you a unique and varied range.
  • You can rely on efficient lead times, as Slender Morris keep much of our range in stock.
  • Slender Morris offer an extensive range of samples for you to work with.
  • The experienced staff at Slender Morris are happy to help to educate you on types of fabrics best suited for your needs, materials and furnishings, as well as the fabric manufacturing processes or technologies.
  • Over 60 years experience serving different industries means we understand your needs.
  • Our staff are happy to provide personalised advice and service, either in our warehouse or with a visit by one of our experienced Slender Morris Representatives.
  • Prices that are the most competitive in the industry.

Slender Morris deals with the wholesale fabric industry. Contact Slender Morris about:

  • Indent Fabric ranges: Metalica, Percha 99, Percha 100, Percha 102, Percha 114, Percha 119, and Tejo.
  • Jacquard materials: Athens, Blenheim, Eos, Genoa / Toscano, Gregal, Marseilles, Positano, Riviera, Santorini, Sensational Silk, Sorrento, Valencia.
  • Plain fabric: Betton, Camelot, Dakota, Duppion, Hyacinth, Lava, Monroe, Mystical, Natural Winners, Norra, Paula, Rocco, Sack, Seta, Sovrano, Waldorf Taffeta.
  • Printed materials: Autumn leaves, Bela, Bostonian, Black & White Story, Eclipse, Furnetics, Lilypond, Notting Hill, Secret Garden, St Geran, Zahira.
  • Voile curtain & furnishing fabrics: Adore, Batiste, Bodram, Cornely, Fabiola, Lino, Sheer Delights, Sheer Magic, Sheer Sophistication, Sonia.
  • Yarn dyed fabrics - the Bravo range.